Accapellas Volume 1



This is collection of 13 accapella/vocal tracks from various Ellie songs.

They are now for sale here exclusively at for the first time ever, and ready for your remixing and re-working pleasure.. all you creative artists out there!

Remix versions can be used online; Not to be sold without express permission.

Accapella /vocal tracks are as follows:

This Place Is Ours, Paradise Island, Gamble, Loving You, Try, So Much More To See, Weekend/On my side, Pray, My Heart Is Beating For You, Crystalise, Love Makes Me Stronger, Destiny, Love Is All In You.

..some of which can be heard on this sampler/snippet track below:


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  1. For You (Ellie Lawson with Stoneface & Terminal) Ellie Lawson 3:45
  2. Breath of life (Ellie Lawson with Feel) Ellie Lawson 2:44
  3. Under The Same Sky Ellie Lawson 2:36