NEW Ellie Lawson EP out November 15th 2011

So between now and my 3rd album which I hope will be finished by the middle of next year I am releasing an EP called ‘Lost Without You EP’ The first song on the EP is already on the Music Week playlist and I will be performing songs from there on BBC Cambridge to start the ball rolling! The songs were written by myself and Dave Harewood and the EP was produced by the very talented Aidan Love who has worked with Goldfrapp and Gwen Stefani, and other producers are Sheldon Steiger and Chris Thorne/Simon Kidger.

The Songs are

1) Change the Way

2) Ba Ba Da

3) Lost Without You

4) How Hard We Try

5) Don’t wanna be more than Just Friends


There will be a video for the song ‘Change the Way’ and previews of the songs from next week in the Music section on my website! xx



  1. For You (Ellie Lawson with Stoneface & Terminal) Ellie Lawson 3:45
  2. Breath of life (Ellie Lawson with Feel) Ellie Lawson 2:44
  3. Under The Same Sky Ellie Lawson 2:36