Filming in 3D at Musion, London.


Had a really fun day at Musion yesterday with Dave and I being filmed as 3D holograms! I am the first acoustic artist that they are recording and licensing out for events around the globe and Its very exciting to be part of such a pioneering company and to know that our songs/performances will be enjoyed at events in many countries without me even stepping foot outside my house!

Other artists that are working with Musion and have used the technology are, Gorillaz, JLS and loads of others inc sports people like Lewis Hamilton and DAvid Beckham! So if I haven’t name dropped enough, just before we started filming my old label ‘mate’ (when I was on Atlantic USA we had the same A and R) James Blunt popped by Musion to see the technology and was really impressed! Seeing it live is the best thing about it, and for artists its a route in the music industry that isn’t effected by Piracy!

Here’s Dave and I meeting our doubles! Guess who is who!!

On the day, another artist and his band were performing and being recorded and we loved it! He’s called Flute Box Lee, and he’s amazing! He plays the flute and beatboxes at the same time! The rapper Skrein and beatbox Wandan were really good too! Check out Flute box Lee in the youtube video (with over a million hits!) below the one of us performing our song ‘I know’ on the Musion shoot. This version was recorded in 3D! Many thanks to Sanj and everyone at Musion!!

Ellie xxx

  1. For You (Ellie Lawson with Stoneface & Terminal) Ellie Lawson 3:45
  2. Breath of life (Ellie Lawson with Feel) Ellie Lawson 2:44
  3. Under The Same Sky Ellie Lawson 2:36