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Be mentored by Ellie Lawson on any aspect of the music industry and gain valuable insights, advice, contacts and a plan of action designed specifically for you.

You will be asked to write an email detailing what you would like to be mentored about and can send 3 songs or pieces of music for review. You will also receive a follow up email after the session.

Ellie lawson has had direct experience in the following areas and more.

* Major record deals and Independent record labels
* Publishing deals and ways to make money from songwriting
* Touring and gigs
* Sponsorship
* Online and mainstream Marketing
* Alternative and new media ways to get paid and develop a fanbase
* best ways to build a fanbase
* music production- demos to mastered music
* Networking, contacts and getting opportunities
* making and spending money in the music Industry
* Pro-activity and organisation
* managers and lawyers and the best way they can help
* Online presentation inc photos, videos and interviews
* what to invest in and what not to.
* strategies for surviving psychologically as an artist
* strategies for surviving financially as an artist
* developing skills in key areas


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Virtual Performances this weekend at ‘Best of Britannia’

Looking forward to performing ‘virtually’ for 3 nights at ‘Best of Britannia’ this weekend! 2 songs of mine and Dave’s will be playing via Musion holographic video projection system! ‘British music talent is the best in the world because we take more risks, we embrace new genres, we aren’t scared to be original and we have the confidence of an incredible pop heritage, I look forward to showcasing the best of British talent at BOB 2012’— Guy Chambers, Songwriter: www.bestofbritannia.com

“Acoust’ed!”….new YouTube channel launched featuring Ellie Lawson ‘Wide Awake’ acoustic performance

Exciting times..! Check out mine and dave’s latest hair-brain project…  “ACOUST’ED”—  its a new YouTube channel,  showcasing the best up and coming unique eclectic acoustic talent– all recorded live especially by us,  capturing the magic of real acoustic music in the moment!    Here’s the first video-  its an acoustic arrangement of the massive trance tune “Wide Awake”, originally by Richard Durand feat. Ellie Lawson;   here Ellie is joined by the super talented harpist Tara Minton!

Live web-stream gig from Quiksilver Boardriders House…this SUNDAY


I’m staying out in Hossegor near Biarritz at the moment with Dave! We played at the Capbreton Quiksilver shop last night which was great fun and we are recording in the new Quiksilver studio next week!

This SUNDAY 6pm (28th Aug) we are playing a live Webstream of our new acoustic songs LIVE from the Boardriders house we are staying at!!

To book (pay what you like) go to:
or click on the flyer.

Hope to interact with you there!!

Ellie xx



…p.s..   here’s a couple of pics of the gig i played last night,   at the Quik store,    and the lush house..!

New Single: My Place in the Sun. Menno DeJong Featuring Ellie Lawson


What lifts you up and what takes you higher
Be in the moment and see what you acquire
Beautiful things
Found my place in the sun

Loneliness, isolation and the darkness
Learning to live in a world that is heartless
Beautiful things
Found my place in the sun

Now I know

You’ve got mirrors for eyes
You can bring me to life
Whatever you like
You don’t have to try
Let go of your need to be right
You’ve got mirrors for eyes
And it’s my place in the sun

Boardmasters festival

Hey- just a quick one to let you know about my upcoming gig at the Relentless Boardmasters Festival in Newquay on FRIDAY 6th August. I’ll be playing on the VIEW STAGE, from around 3pm onwards.. of course would LLOOOVVVE to see you there !!

fingers crossed for the sunshine!!   Ellie  xxx

my friend Daniel Cho

I have woken this morning after a night of taking in the news that musician Dan Cho has passed away suddenly on tour whilst in Switzerland about to play the Montreux Jazz festival with Regina spektor.

I met Dan after he auditioned as pianist to play with me on the Ellen DeGeneres show whilst I was living in New York. I stayed for 2 years in New York and Dan played gig with me in Las Vegas at the CES Electronic show with world space radio and played gigs with me on my Barnes and Noble tour and generally in New York and Brooklyn in places like the Livingroom, the Rockwood and many others.

Dan was an incredible musician in his feel and intelligence. When ever I played him a song he would improvise the most brilliant riffs and pretty much everything that he played would sound beautiful. He just had that feel. He was also very modest and funny and would make jokes all the time.

The song below (“how long”) was a new song I played him in a small rehearsal room in 42nd street , Manhattan and this is what he played along straight away with Dave and I. This is just recorded with a mini disk player and I like the intimacy of it and hearing him play. He also played piano and cello on the recordings of my songs “London Town” and “There’s still time” on my Lost Songs album. As well as my acoustic version of “Friends”. I will treasure these recordings and that I got to spend time and play music and hang out with such a beautiful person. He will be missed by so many and Julia, Audrey and his family are in my prayers.

Ellie xxx

  1. For You (Ellie Lawson with Stoneface & Terminal) Ellie Lawson 3:45
  2. Breath of life (Ellie Lawson with Feel) Ellie Lawson 2:44
  3. Under The Same Sky Ellie Lawson 2:36